Glitch Machine

Glitch Machine is a generative bytebeat music synthesizer. Expressions are edited live to produce sound interactively.

The magic of Glitch Machine’s synthesis is in the BYTE, which wraps a final output value to a number between 0 – 255. The repeating patterns (or chaos) of this ‘wrapping’ produces waveforms and beats.


  • Interactive, live code editing
  • Waveform and data visualizations
  • Expression sharing via email and Twitter
  • WAV export to iTunes
  • Save and load expressions
  • Supports all device orientations
  • Configurable theme

Bytebeat Community:
viznut’s blog @ countercomplex
Kragen’s BYTEBEAT page
erlehmann’s libglitch
bytebeat subreddit
bytebeat generator at
bytebeat generator at
Scott’s Glitch Machine noise and sound programs
GlitchMachine Compos

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